Chauvet LED Followspot 120ST

Chauvet LED Followspot 120ST


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Light – LED
Key Features
LED Light Source
Manual Iris for Beam Control
Manual Zoom from 14 to 20?
Local or DMX Dimming, Strobe, and Color
Alpha-Numeric LED Info Screen
Fuse Protected
Support Stand Included

The LED Followspot 120ST Fixture features a built-in dimmer and DMX control. It is primarily designed for use in theater lighting but can also be used in film and video production. Dimming, color adjustment, strobe, and shutter open/closed can be controlled locally with buttons on the back of the fixture or remotely via DMX. A manually controlled iris allows you to change the beam angle to 5??.

Eight color-selection buttons on the back of the fixture enable you to change the color of the light from cool white, to warm white, orange, cyan, purple, green, red, and light blue. This can be done locally or via DMX control. A built-in shutter control is for turning the light on or off on cue, and you can also set the fixture to strobe up to 16 times a second. A three-digit alpha-numeric display shows “NAn” in manual mode and “001” for DMX mode. The fixture is fuse protected and comes fitted with a yoke that mounts the light to the included stand.

This LED followspot is dimmable from 100 to 0% brightness. You can change the color of the light from cool white to warm white for matching to tungsten. You can also change the color to orange, cyan, red, green, magenta, and yellow. A rotating color wheel is responsible for the color change so the color effect can be used while the light is dimming or set to strobe.
The 3-channel DMX profile allows you to control the brightness, strobe, and color
Strobe is selectable from 0 to 16 Hz
A grasping handle on the back allows you to guide the beam of light where you want it to go, while the manual iris control knob is mounted on the top of the fixture. The manual zoom knob is mounted along the side of the fixture.
The fixture is fuse protected from overload, and it runs on AC power (either 60 or 50 Hz). The fixture features a power on/off switch and includes an AC power cord.

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