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Hybrid 3 pin DMX lighting cable, 5m

Hybrid 3 pin DMX lighting cable, 5m


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Weight 0.29 kg
Dimensions 0.96 × 31.5 × 24 cm

Cable – Lighting DMX 3 pin, XLR male – XLR female, 5m

XLR male to XLR female DMX lighting cable
PVC coated, outer diameter 6mm
DMX 120-ohm specification
Ground, data positve (+) & data negative (-) conductors
Data positve (+) and data negative (-) conductors: 20 strand x 0.12mm copper
Ground conductor: 16 x 9 braided strand x 0.1mm tinned copper
Connectors: Nickel plated with durable moulded PVC screw-in covers
XLR male connections: Pin1 – ground, Pin 2 – data negative (-), Pin 3 – data positive (+)
XLR female connections: Pin1 – ground, Pin 2 – data negative (-), Pin 3 – data positive (+)
Length: 5m
Colour: Black

Hybrid offers a wide range of 3 pin DMX cables that cater for most system integration applications. A comprehensive variation of cable lengths from 1m to 10m with terminal connectors XLR male and female are available. We also offer a DMX cable in 100m rolls.

All Hybrid audio cables are malleable PVC coated making them easy to use and roll-up.

HYBRID is a South African brand with over 30 years’ experience in professional audio, stage and lighting. Our brand is aimed specifically at the African market to meet our continent’s demands for features, performance and budget.
HYBRID+ is our flagship brand, offering features and performance comparable to world renowned brands and making HYBRID+ one of the best price-to-performance ratio brands.