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Hybrid HLF1500

Hybrid HLF1500


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Weight 44.54 kg
Dimensions 78.5 × 40 × 53 cm

Low Fog Machine

A low-level haze machine that utilizes standard smoke liquid which is cooled down to deliver a hefty amount of haze that creeps along the floor. The ideal device to create atmosphere in theatres, stage productions, film productions and displays or exhibitions.

Power: 2100W
Heater Block Power: 1500W
Ultrasonic Power: 600W
Preheating Time: 6min
Smoke Output: 10 000ftᶟ/min
Fluid Tank Capacity: 1.5 litres
2 channel DMX

HYBRID is a South African brand with over 30 years experience in professional audio, stage and lighting. Our brand is aimed specifically at the African market to meet our continent’s demands for features, performance and budget.
HYBRID+ is our flagship brand, offering features and performance comparable to world renowned brands and making HYBRID+ one of the best price-to-performance ratio brands.