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Hybrid ML860PDUX

Hybrid ML860PDUX


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Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 0.34 × 0.34 × 0.19 cm

Mixer – Live, Analogue, Powered

The Hybrid ML860PDUX is an 4 + 2 channel, 2 x 300W powered, small format, analogue live mixer.
The ML860PDUX hosts a number of features such as a built-in MP3 media player with record function, a 16 DSP effects processor, phantom power for condenser microphones and many more. This makes it ideal for small productions that require a powered mixer solution with a minimum amount of input channels, such as presentations or a single-person artist with one instrument or microphone and pre-recorded media playback.

Powered, Small Format Analogue Live Mixer
Mono Channels: 4, XLR (Mic) and 1/4″ Jack (Line) with independent rotary Gain and Level controls
Channel EQ: 3-band rotary, Low, Mid and High
Mono Channel Controls: Compression control, Low cut switch, Pan, Effects send, Aux and Peak LED
Stereo Channel Controls: Rotary level control, -10dB switch, Aux and Balance
MP3 Media Player: USB port (Play & record)
Effects: 16 DSP, Effects level, Repeat control
Master Channel Controls: 60mm L/R Main fader, Headphone volume, MP3 level, 48V Phantom switch, Dual 8 LED level meter
Power Outputs: 2 x Speakon & 1/4″ Jack connectors, 2 x 300W rms @ 4Ω / Both channels driven. (Max load per channel: 4Ω)

HYBRID is a South African brand with over 30 years’ experience in professional audio, stage and lighting. Our brand is aimed specifically at the African market to meet our continent’s demands for features, performance and budget.
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