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Mackie DRM18S

Mackie DRM18S


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Weight 46.63 kg
Dimensions 90.17 × 72.39 × 64.77 cm

Speaker – Active, Sub-bass, 18″

Putting together a great-sounding PA system is a breeze — if you have a Mackie DRM18S, that is.
This state-of-the-art active subwoofer is loaded with 2,000 watts of power and innovative DSP to ensure top-notch sound. It’s built for demanding live performances, with a custom high-sensitivity transducer and a roadworthy, texture-coated 18mm plywood cabinet. Beyond that, the DRM18S is a breeze to set up, thanks to Mackie’s DRM Control Dashboard, which features a high-contrast, full-color display on the sub’s back panel.
For world-class sound and no-fuss setup, you can’t beat Mackie’s DRM18S.

State-of-the-art active subwoofer
18″ high-excursion woofer delivers exceptional sensitivity, bass response, and reliability
Loaded with Impulse DSP for peak performance
Acoustic correction yields reference-quality sound — even at high SPLs
Linear-phase FIR filtering minimizes inherent anomalies, phase issues, and muddy bass
Mackie’s DRM Control Dashboard ensures ease of use and simplified setup
User-adjustable variable crossover point allows you to match the DRM18S to any speaker
DRM-specific mode for full-range DRM speakers
Alignment Delay control for delay stacks
Cardioid mode for easy setup of a directional subwoofer array
Save and recall up to 6 user presets
High-contrast, full-color display and 1-knob access to configuration, processing, and more
Next-gen protection circuitry prevents blowouts
Pole cup makes installing pole-mountable speakers easy
Roadworthy, texture-coated 18mm plywood cabinet