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Mackie ProFX8v2

Mackie ProFX8v2


Out of stock

Weight 3.22 kg
Dimensions 35.81 × 28.96 × 3.6 cm

Mixer – Band, analogue, 8 channel

The ProFX series v2 sounds better than ever and supplies convenient features at every knob, fader, input and output. This is the ProFX8v2.
It features 4 extremely low-noise Mackie Vita mic preamps designed to add life to any input, as well as the all-new ReadyFX effects engine with 16 great-sounding effects including reverbs, delays and choruses.

No-Hassle USB Recording/Playback
Built in USB recording interface with simple setup via Mac or PC
Great for live recording and perfet for home studios
Steam playback music for live or studio applications
Includes user-friendly Tracktion® recording software

Analog inputs
Total: 8
Mic preamps: 4
XLR only jacks: 4
1/4″ only jacks: 8
RCA (stereo pair): 1
Phantom power: Yes (+48V)

Analog outputs
Main XLR out: 2
Main 1/4″ out: 2
Aux 1/4″: 2
RCA (stereo pair): 1
Headphone: 1

Onboard effects
Reverb: Yes
Delay: Yes
Chorus/flange: Yes

Type: Analog
Bands per channel: 3
Treble: Yes
Midrange: Yes
Low: Yes
Low cut: Yes

USB: Yes

Width: 15.6″ (396mm)
Height: 7.0″ (178mm)
Depth: 17.9″ (455mm)
Weight: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
Fader type: 60mm
Bundled software: Yes