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Pioneer VM-50

Pioneer VM-50


4 in stock

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 30 × 19 cm

Speaker – Studio monitor, 5”

Price per each

Pioneer DJ are back with the successor to the now legendary S-DJ50 monitor with the VM-50. Available in Black or White, this is set to be the monitor of choice for the next few years.
Not Cheating On Quality
The VM-50 features the same robust build quality that you come to expect from Pioneer DJ taking experience from their S-DJ and RM monitor ranges but bringing you a Class D amplifier this time that is capable of delivering a 96kHz sampling DSP that gives you a wide array of audio reproduction whilst ensuring there is low to no distortion. Add on a 4mm front baffle which supresses extra vibration and unrequired resonance and you’re all set.
Feeling In The Fibre
The front woofer cone is made from a Aramid fibre, that delivers a superb punch in the low and low-mid frequency ranges, add in the fact it is 30% lighter than before and other paper lined aramid cones enables longevity in the cone so it will stand the test of time
Accelerate the Vortex
On the VM range, there is a all new vortex bass accelerator that ensures the low end is as tight and free of unwanted vibrations thanks to the ribs on the bass reflex port allow air to travel freely – ensuring a pure sound.
The Horn
The horn on the VM-50 delivers a broad uniform sound whilst maintaining the intensity that a constant directivity horn can give. The shape is designed so when in flat mode it can allow seamless crossover between horn and tweeter.
Set Your Scene
The DSP controls on the VM-50 are completely new and intuitive to allow you to perfectly EQ your room how you want it. With up to 16 options spread across two DSP switches, allow you to set the monitor to either a more production mode or if you prefer a club sound stage, a more bass heavy response.
That’s the look
The look of the VM-50 is all new, with a sleek design in black with hexagonal shaped baffle alongside a brushed finished. These are arguably the best looking speakers around to date.